Yoga is so much more than postures...

Its finding your way back to yourself,

and everyone's path home is different.

Yoga is the ancient art of self discovery. Walking a yogic path is a rich and rewording journey of continual unfolding, which takes you deeper and deeper into your truth, deeper and deeper into union with all of life.

Although my personal practice involves asana, pranayama, concentration, withdrawl (prayahara), mantra (chanting), meditation, kirtan (singing), thai yoga (for focussed healing), womb yoga and taoist practices I am focussing my teaching in two major areas at present:

Womb Temple Yoga


If you are interested in developing a personal practice I would love to be of help. Feel free to contact me by phone or email or come along to a workshop.

Would you like to practice yoga in a more feminine way?
A way that honors your body and its cyclical nature?

A way that fosters health, clarity and peace?

A Gentle Yoga that flows and changes with your feminine cycles and seasons of life -

from Menarche to Menopause and beyond, 

and sacred self care practices to nourish and heal.

Is your cycle giving you a hard time?

Are you looking to have a child and exploring your fertility?

Do you need some help balancing menstrual or menopausal symptoms? 

Did you know there are simple yoga and self care practices you can work with
to help turn things around?

Adopting a yoga practice that fosters connection with your womb and feminine body can be deeply healing and nourishing helping you to:

  • Drop out of your mind and deeply into your body

  • Calm down your nervous system

  • Rebalance the inner feminine and masculine

  • Deepen self authenticity and self awareness

  • Develop a deep connection with your womb

  • Enliven your creativity and sensuality

  • Come to love where you're at in life

  • Feel supported by a group of other accepting women

  • Learn how to move to flow energy through your reproductive system

  • Practice women's yoga and self care to help heal through menstrual problems

  • Enhance fertility through conscious movement with the menstrual cycle

  • Learn how to support your hormonal system and how to bring it towards balance