"What is sadhana? It’s a committed prayer. It is self-enrichment. It is not something which is done to please somebody or to gain something. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best."
-Yogi Bhajan

Would you like to take some time to just focus on your Yoga? Or dedicate yourself to your healing journey?

A Sadhana Stay is time taken out of everyday life to focus on your inner world, a period of retreat from the busyness and the demands of the modern world to simplify your routine and come back to a deep relationship with your self.

Chaitanya helps facilitate Sadhana Stays of 2 to 5 days or more in her home town of Woolgoolga NSW (pictured above). Woolgoolga is a unique place to retreat to, it has a huge population of Indian Sikhs and a number of sacred Temples for meditation, service (seva/karma yoga) and reflection. It is a town of openness and peace with rolling beaches and inland forests, the perfect place for some quiet inner work.

Sadhana can take many different forms.

There are many different reasons that you may feel the pull to take some time out and focus on your yoga practice:

Deepening your practice

Perhaps you feel the need to deepen further into your yoga practice? Chaitanya is trained and experienced in mantra/chanting, working with Indian Goddess energies, meditation, concentration and withdrawl practices as well as a plethora of yoga practices to deepen into feminine connection.  

The Guru Nanak Sikh Temple, Woolgoolga 


You may like to come and spend some one on one time training with Chaitanya, delving into your womb and her needs and cycles through yoga. Or you may like to spend some time focusing on one topic in particular, immersing in a practice without any disruptions.

Healing Sadhana

You can also work together with Chaitanya to tailor a program of healing and yoga to address any issues you may be working through or confronted with. Chaitanya is a skilled healer and therapeutic yoga teacher, certified in Holistic Pelvic Care by Tami Lynn Kent and Birth Healing by Lynn Schulte PT. Chaitanya also works closely with her dear friend and Chinese Doctor Ben Chandler and has a circle of support which includes many talented healers in the region.

Your Sadhana stay can take any form it needs to. There are a variety of accommodation options to chose from and the freedom to study, practice and heal in your own way, in your own time.

Speak to Chaitanya about arranging some time to Deepen into your practice, some time to Nourish yourself.

All the artworks on this website are created and the copyright owned by Chaitanya Morly-Southall.
All information on this website is offered to inspire connection and healing but is not intended to be superior to your own intuition or your healthcare provider's advise.

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