The weeks after giving birth are so important for the new mother.

If it is at all possible, the new mother should be fully supported and cooked for so all she has to do is feed and be with her baby and rest.

In India it is said that how the mother is nourished in the 40 days after giving birth determine her next 40 years of health!

Simple foods that nourish and calm the mother's energies are called for, foods that catalyse the healing process are needed and herbs that help milk production are given. Because of the impact of the birth, the mother's digestion is very compromised at this time, so only food that is warm, simple and easy to digest should, at first, be given. Below are a few recipes shared to me by Indian Grandmothers in Woolgoolga who were assisting their daughters with their new babies...


This special version of kitcharee is the staple food for new mothers in India It is simple to prepare, the combination of yellow mung beans (also known as dahl) and rice forms a complete protein and is a tonic for the digestive system. The herbs included help reduce the stresses that arise from birthing and also bring the digestive fires back to life. It is slightly spicey due to the black pepper but not chilli hot so it doesnt disturb the baby through the breast milk. This meal could be the basis of your diet for the first weeks of your recovery...


Panjeeri - A nourishing sweet