Women are cyclical - we wax and wane like the moon, journeying through periods of outer expression and being called deeply each month to withdraw and renew as our blood releases. The sacred cycles of the womb dictate to us our own natural process of union with spirit - our own womb centred yoga practice. If we embrace and follow the pull of our womb, we can be drawn into the deepest states of union and prophesy. This has been known and revered through the ages. This is the sacred yoga of menstruation.

Modern postural yoga has largely overlooked this, our innate, womanly yogic potential. But now the time to re-embrace our sacred potential as women has come.  

To deepen your awareness of your womb and cycles you can begin by tuning in every day to how your womb feels and try to honour that in your practice.

When we learn to work with our monthly cycle we know when and how to build strength, blood and chi and how best to plan the month ahead to maximise achievement as well as deep nourishment. If we work against our body's cycle we can end up drained and possibly on the road to illness and imbalance. This was known by the ancient cultures and simple guidelines were offered for women to follow to ensure the health and peace of their womb. These codes have been largely misunderstood now but still apply in these modern times.
Read about them here.

There are various changes we can make to our regular yoga practice as we come into our blood time so that we can help our body do its sacred cleansing work. There is a delicacy about us at this time and its easy to disrupt the balance. I have explored this in my own practice and found it to be so helpful.

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