I practice a 3000 year old tradition, passed  down an ancient lineage of warrior healers from the South of India.

Kalari Massage



One and a half hours of hot oils, herbal hot packs,  massage and point work. This treatment sooths and heals and leaves you feeling better than ever.





Kalari is a complete and comprehensive health treatment which gives a vast range of holistic benefits...


                       FOR THE BODY


  • physical rejuvenation of tissues and organs

  • wonderful for sore backs, sciatatic problems

  • incredible as recovery support after childbirth

  • the heat and medicines reduce swelling and muscular tension

  • greatly supports rehabilitation from sickness and injury

  • directly nourishes the skin, plasma, blood and muscle tissues

  • brings you down from adrenal stress

  • improves circulation, invigorates and energises your body

  • brilliant for joint pain and arthritis

  • can be tailored to help with any health issues or concerns

These hotpacks are filled with herbs and plant resins and are heated in herbal oils and rubbed and smoothed over the body - nourishing the skin, muscles and deeper tissues and melting away stress, tension and inflammation... You have to feel it to believe it!



                     AND FOR THE MIND


  • greatly relieves stress and anxiety

  • helps with insomnia

  • relieves emotional stress by allowing for you to access deep states of relaxation and surrender

  • clears energetic and emotional blockages from the body's subtle field

  • calms you right down and gives you the strength to go on

  • especially helpful when you are journeying  through hard time or big life changes


Come and try this ancient recipe for deep healing and relaxation.

To book a session, call Chaitanya on 0413 811 359

Treatments are given in Woolgoolga, NSW


Pictured here is Woolgoolga's beautiful and peaceful Guru Nanak Sikh Temple which is open to visitors 7 days a week. Woolgoolga is about 15 minutes drive from Coffs Harbour and 40 minutes from Grafton in NSW's Northern Beaches district. A small and unique community which has a colourful Indian population and beautiful beaches, headland and nature reserves.