Special support for new mums


Chaitanya is happy to offer special post partum support treatments for new mothers.




The act of giving birth has a massive impact on the mother's energies. The nervous energy can get tremendously rattled leaving the new mum in a very unsettled state.


Full body, warm oil massage with a soothing gentle touch will calm these energies, nourish and bring back strength.



Chaitanya uses special oils cooked with herbal medicines especially for new mothers and can also help in rejuvenating women who have had difficult births or cesarean section deliverys.

Are you a new mum?

About to have a baby in the Woolgoolga area?

Feel like you havent fully healed from the birth of your last child?

Do you have young children and feel worn out or run down?




Speak to Chaitanya about having some special treatments.

Even taking a weekly massage for a month

Can make a huge difference in your recovery.


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This work is gentle and vastly important.


In India it is known that the first 40 days after birth determine the next 40 years of the mother's wellbeing.


As well as daily massage, Indian mothers are traditionally helped in the following ways:

  • they are relieved of all other duties apart from bonding with their new baby

  • the baby also recieves gentle warm oil massage

  • they are cooked for and eat a simple diet that nourishes them back to strength (see recipe below)

  • they are fed delicious nourishing sweets filled with nuts and resins to strenthen the body.

  • they are given herbal tea of fennel to help the breast milk flow

  • they are kept in a calm, relaxed environment free of visitors or general activity

All of this is done to ensure that mother and baby are free to move forward with optimum health and serenity


In India it is understood that a new mother needs constant nourishment and support to rebuild and regroup her energy after childbirth. Traditionally new mothers are massaged with warm oils daily for up to six weeks to bring back the strength and balance that is needed to look after the family in years to come.