Take a deep breath & drop your awareness down into your womb.

This deep place of feminine power, is your feminine foundation and a doorway back to your sacred self.

-Welcome home to your Womb Temple-

In India, the most sacred and innermost part of the temple is called the garbha or womb.

A place of crossing over, where the presence of the divine is embodied and worshiped.

This sacred place is within us all, in most women as an incredible physical organ, in some as an energetic presence where the womb once was - a sacred centre of creativity and storehouse of vitality.

The womb space is our sacred foundation, influencing the vitality of our body and the way we perceive and experience life. Working to deepen our womb connection and heal our energetic and physical womb centre is special work that all women and people who were born with wombs can benefit from.

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