Chaitanya is an experienced Healer who has worked for many years with hands on and energetic techniques she is also trained in the Holistic Pelvic Care, (the work of renown pelvic healer Tami Lynn Kent) and with Lynn Schulte from the Institute of Birth Healing. 
Combining the natural healing energy that flows from her hands, her strong intuition and her capacity to hold a space for deep and gentle transformation, her sessions are relaxing, restorative and deeply healing. 
With a range of holistic techniques, medicinal oils and deep relaxation practices, Chaitanya can help support your journey back to balance with a session crafted to your needs.

"Experiencing bodywork by Chaitanya is definitely something I highly recommend. My partner and I travel overseas frequently and we like to have massages while travelling but I have yet to come across a massage that I feel are as healing as Chaitanya’s. Chaitanya has set the bar high - her ability to heal through massage is a true gift."
Jill Smidt, Brisbane.

Chaitanya's treatments are suitable for all women and can address and help access healing for:

  • Recovering from Birth and Birth related trauma

  • Healing from C-section delivery & hysterectomy

  • Healing after Difficult Birth

  • Restoring the Birthflow Energy for deep connection

  • Bladder, Rectal and Uterine Prolapse

  • Incontinence after birth and at other times of life

  • Pelvic pain including pain with sex

  • Healing after Miscarriage and Stillbirth

  • Healing after Abortion 

  • Optimising Fertility and Preconception Wellbeing

  • Menstrual difficulties or disconnection

  • Reconnecting with the Feminine Body & Nature

  • Balancing the Feminine and Masculine within

  • Journeying through Grief

  • Major Life Transitions

  • The Perimenopause transition

  • Healing the Mother and Fatherlines

  • Ancestral and Past Life Healing

  • Pelvic Stagnation, Fibroids, Cysts and Polyps

  • After Surgery and Cancer Treatment Healing

  • Recovering Deep Connection 

  • Accessing your own Feminine Medicine

Bringing healing to the womb space

$150  / $!20 online 

Lets work together to get you back on track.


In this initial consultation we can discuss everything that's going on for you, body, mind and soul.

Chaitanya can offer you lifestyle, self care and healing support and give you some simple yoga practices to help you move back towards balance and healing.


Private Consults run for approximately an hour and a half and may involve a range of practices including pelvic assessment and treatment, gentle healing massage, visualisation and breath exercises, internal pelvic assessment and healing (Holistic Pelvic Care TM practices), guided meditations, kinesiology and energy healing.

Providing holistic treatments for mothers old and new to help integrate the birth experience, help the body recover and heal.

As every woman and her situation is so different, each treatment is guided by the needs of the client's body and whole being, assessed and intuited by Chaitanya during the consult. Due to this the price of the initial and subsequent sessions may vary and can be both discussed and negotiated with Chaitanya.


"I am blessed to have received two Holistic Pelvic Care sessions with Chaitanya. Her grounded nature and knowledge helped me to feel comfortable and supported during my sessions. Since my treatments I have experienced a greater sense of physical and emotional freedom and my body feels lighter. With Chaitanya's assistance, old trauma patterns of restriction have been released to allow full presence. Deep gratitude."

Wendy Bennett

Yoni Massage practitioner

$150 for 1-1.5 hour session - concessions and payment plans available.

Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC) works with the power of each woman's pelvic organs to help shift patterns of disconnection, pain and trauma stored in the pelvic organs, gently working to recover balance and flow in the pelvis. It is a profound body of practices including guided visualisations, internal vaginal healing, myofascial release, trigger point work and more -  the work of renown Pelvic healer and physiotherapist Tami Lynn Kent. 


The womb knows how to hold onto things, but she also knows how to let go. HPC works to alleviate all kinds of pelvic imbalances, pain, injuries and ancestral patterns. Unlike conventional pelvic exams, HPC is gentle, respectful and honouring  always following the lead of your body and emotions, respecting and utilising her innate wisdom.


HPC may be an important part of your journey of healing. It is a gentle and powerful practice. Although internal vaginal healing practices are a core component of this work, they are not always called for or needed. There are many potent practices that can be done without an internal component and therefore Chaitanya prefers to tune into your body, your needs and her intuition to discern if internal work is required on any particular session.


The practices of HPC can be used to help treat a full range of pelvic and emotional needs. If you look over the list above it will give you an idea of the scope of this work. You may think it strange to have a healing session which involves vaginal contact but this therapy is deeply respectful, non-sexual and deeply therapeutic, helping to realign the fascia that surrounds the organs and reduce tension in trigger points and muscular structures of the pelvic floor. Often this work ushers in a new balance to the muscles of the pelvic floor and a new sense of spaciousness and vitality in the whole pelvic area. Chaitanya is a skilled therapist and has trained and certified in person with Tami Lynn Kent the creator of this special work.

Although great healing and relief may be accomplished in a session, at least two consecutive sessions are recommended to help realign patterns in the pelvis that contribute to pain, discomfort or disconnection. 




Using medicinal oils and heat on your belly and lower back and a deep guided rest practice, this treatment is perfect for post natal recovery, c-section scars, sore backs, diastasis recti (abdominal separation issues), digestive or pelvic problems. Deeply relaxing and deeply healing. Who wouldnt want a Blissful Belly? :)


This delicious 45 minute guided session leads you into profound depths of rest and restoration. This is the perfect medicine for all mums and an antidote to the modern world. If you'd like to reclaim your energies and vitality, reestablish good sleep patterns or recover from exhaustion, illness or injury (including all pelvic problems) this is for you! Guided Audio Recordings of the Deep Rest practice are also available.

If you are looking to recover your Pelvic Wellbeing or deepen connection with your Womb Centre,

please reach out and come in for a session.

All work is sacred and confidential, deeply relaxing, healing and empowering.