Preparing the sacred ground of the body, mind, womb and heart for a new baby is some of the most important work you will ever do.

If you're thinking about conceiving, or already actively trying, deepening womb connection through the healing practices of Holistic Pelvic Care and Womb Temple Yoga is a great idea.

The womb has superpowers of creation, but also of holding and release. When we're not in close connection with the womb we can end up using her as a storehouse of old emotions or trauma - making use of her holding powers but not her releasing ones. HPC sessions can help to identify and release old emotions and patterns of holding and restore awareness in this foundational feminine center.


Sadly, many couples experience birth loss or recurrent miscarriage in their fertility journey.

This adds a huge weight of grief to the already stressful and emotional reality of fertility struggles.

Chaitanya works with women to help them heal through these challenges, using a really special practice of Holistic Pelvic Care that helps guide the women and the body to gently release the soul or the imprint of the miscarried baby from the uterus. When the spirit of the baby is released from being held in the womb and the energy there refreshed, then her receptive nature can return. This special work is profoundly healing.

" Thank you so much for helping me release Lilly's spirit.

I just wanted to let you know let you know that I'm 10 weeks pregnant. The conception day was the day before I saw you! I can't help but feel you helped those cells become what is now a little being with super tiny fingers and toes. Thank you for being part of my journey. "

L.C. Coffs Harbour.


Yoga can be deeply soothing when you've experienced loss or you're on a fertility journey. Alternatively, yoga postures and practices can be used to energise and revitalise the reproductive system and even assist you in the challenges of IVF. Chaitanya is trained in using yoga to support fertility and womb loss and offers one on one sessions for her clients and also teaches a weekly women's yoga class in Coffs Harbour.

In fertility or Womb Temple style yoga, your practice changes through the month to support you as you cycle towards conception and can also include flows and poses to create spaciousness in the womb, stimulate blood and energy flow to the ovaries and promote receptivity in body and mind.  Particularly helpful are the restorative series of poses and working with the Deep Rest practice of Yoga Nidra - you can download a free women's Deep Rest practice here.


Depending on your particular situation, we can work together to devise a program of fertility yoga and self care to revitalise your reproductive system and ensure you're creating enough space in your body and life for a new baby.

It is recommended that you work with the yoga and self care practices for at least three cycles / months when working towards optimising your fertility. Often the imbalances that have led to reduced fertility have been created and maintained over long periods of time and also take time to dismantle. Chaitanya recommends working closely with a Chinese Medicine Practitioner whilest journeying towards conception, pregnancy and bith.


* Three 90 minute healing consultations

* Three hour long yoga for fertility sessions
* A personalised program of yoga and deep rest to support you on your fertility journey.