Hi there! Im Chaitanya (chey-tania).


I work with women to help them heal pelvic pain and imbalances, rekindle a connection with their womb, to acknowledge and embrace their inner power to move back towards health and to deepen into authenticity. If you'd like to work together or learn about yoga in a women's body, please contact me for a chat about how we can get started. 

Based in Woolgoolga (and practicing up and down the Mid North Coast NSW), Australia, I am a skilled holistic healer trained and certified in Holistic Pelvic Care by Tami Lynn Kent (PT) and trained as a Birth Healing Specialist by Lynn Schulte (PT) of the Institute for Birth Healing in Colorado. I combine these hands on therapies with Traditional Indian Kalari massage and support my clients with self care practices from Yoga and Ayurveda, specially tailored to the needs of the feminine body.  


As women, we have vastly different needs to men, our bodies are engaged in cyclic rhythms and we transit through a vast number of roles as we journey through life. Given the state of the modern world, women have become prone to imbalances which create pain and disturbances, particularly in their womb and pelvic organs.

I have trained and immersed in many different practices over the years including:

  • Holistic Pelvic Care for assessing and healing the pelvic floor, releasing trauma and restoring balance

  • Birth Healing for helping mothers, pre and post partum recover from pelvic pain and prepare for birth

  • Certified Women's Yoga teacher for working with imbalances of the womb, fertility, pre and post natal...

  • Energetic and emotional healing including helping heal emotional trauma & past life issues

  • Kinesiology for taking the body out of trauma, resetting ligament vitality, lymphatic cleansing and more

  • Yoga application from the perspective of Traditional Indian Medicine (Ayurveda) including working with many and varied aspects of yoga (movement, breath, withdrawal, meditation, mantra and more)

  • Traditional Thai Therapeutic Yoga - I am Australia's only teacher trained in Russei Datton  Thai Yoga.

  • Kalari South Indian Massage with herbal oils and hotpacks and energetic healing with marma points


I am so grateful to be able to weave all these practices together to help women reconnect and heal into deeper levels of ease and authenticity.


I am blessed to have lived a rich life and studied with a number of amazing teachers.

Here is the story of how I came to be offering Womb Temple Yoga and Healing to women.

My yoga training started over a decade ago in the North West of India, living in the home of a traditional teacher, Sat Guru Shri Shri Data Shri. Here I learned the basis of my spiritual practice, immersed in a practice of mantra - the use of sacred sound.

My guruji at the mouth of the Ganga - the holy river of India. We journeyed here together over 10 years ago.

On returning to Australia I continued my mantra immersion and worked with sound for healing and self evolution. I studied Kalari Ayurvedic therapy with a wonderful teacher Peter Noblett who taught me the ancient and rarely practiced therapy and how to make and use medicinal oils and herbal hotpacks. I continued expanding my interest in traditional Indian medicine and treated many people with the deeply healing Kalari massage in the following years. This involved working deeply with the energetic points on the body called marmas which are also foundational points for yoga asana and meditational practices. This work also taught me how to work with the energetic level of the body, releasing old patterns and even past life trauma and healing on a very deep level.

I was thrilled to study with the incredibly talented Kinesiologist Robert McDonnell who practices in Coffs Harbour. In 5 short courses (which were deeply experiential) I learned how to help bring people down from their adrenals, how to bring people out of traumatic loops that they are stuck or have been triggered into, how to reset and help heal ligament problems, release all kinds of trauma, flush the lymphatic system and more. These techniques were often implemented in my Kalari sessions with great success. 

I have been blessed to study a three year course Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation with the world renowned teacher, yogi and scholar Dr David Frawley. This course involved learning how to use Yoga from the perspective of Ayurveda and helped me bring together my love of Yoga and the practical Ayurvedic understanding I had already gained through my Kalari work. 

All the while I have maintained my own personal practice and endeavoured to implement the wisdom I have been blessed enough to gather. 

My official 200hr Yoga Teacher Training was done under Ana Davis at the Byron Yoga Center in NSW Autralia and was specially tailored to impart the techniques of yoga for the healing and wellbeing of Women. This is the only training of its kind in Australia and covered all aspects of Women's health and yoga including Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine perspectives, Fertility training, working with highly sensitive people and women with chronic fatigue, menstrual cycle awareness and healing menstrual problems and menopausal yoga to balance the hormones and ease the transition into a woman's wisdom years. 

Living in Woolgoolga I have many Indian friends (we have roughly a 50% Punjabi Sikh population here inclding 3 temples) and I love meditating at the temples, sharing group meals and listening to the beautiful traditional kirtan. I have been blessed to meet many of my friend's Indian mothers and have been blessed to learn about the traditional post-partum care of the new baby and mother from these elders. Caring for new mothers and helping them calm and bring their energies back in after birth is a love of mine. I am able to share simple traditional food and practices which can make a huge impact on post-natal recovery and also like to work to help the healing of c-section scarring and womb recovery.

The more I immersed in my passion of facilitating womb reconnection and healing, the more I realised I needed to learn to practice internal pelvic assessment and healing. So I trained and am certified with renowned Pelvic Physiotherapist and Healer Tami Lynn Kent in her remarkable Holistic Pelvic Care. This training gave me first hand experience on the power of women's internal medicine and how easily the body can release that which is old and regain balance and vitality.

I followed this HPC training by studying in person with Lynn Schulte, Pelvic Physio and founder of the Institute for Birth Healing in Colorado. Lynn is also a remarkable healer who teaches Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant and Postpartum Woman. Her specialty is teaching how to help women recover pelvic stability after birth and in doing so resolve many common post partum issues and patterns such as pain, pelvic instability, incontinence and more. As a bodyworker and healer working with women of all ages this training was exceptional and the practices Lynn shared I use in every session!

I work with women in groups and also one-on-one, helping them to understand their cycles and seasons of life, and tailoring yoga and self care practices to foster the wellbeing of the heart, the womb and the whole woman. If you feel like you'd like to learn more about your current position and how to move with yoga and self care towards health and wellbeing, please give me a call on 0413 811 359 or send me an email

All the best, Chaitanya.