My journey with sacred yoga...



Started high in the Himalaya In 2005 when I was called to go and live and learn with a beautiful Mantra Master Sri Sri Data Sri in Gujarat, India. With guruji's guidance I began working with mantra or sacred sound to calm the mind and heighten the expression of the consciousness within me.


I stayed in the home of the guru with his family, performing my spiritual practice and also learning how to live an Indian life - cooking, cleaning and working at a local school. This year, and the continuing mantra practice was instrumental in bringing me to where I am now with my life and work.

A picture of the late, great Sri Sri Data Sri, an incredible realised mantra master. This photograph was taken when together we made a pilgrimage to Gomuk in the Indian Himalaya, where the holy Ganga river begins- flowing from a glacier (pictured).


Guruji was a kind and generous teacher, guiding with compassion and clarity.


I am ever thankful for his help and love.

After working intensively with mantra under guruji's guidance I moved back to Melbourne to continue my practice which then opened up to include sacred expression through painting. The artistic opening that came through my yoga practice continues to suprise and inspire me!



After 5 years of working with mantras to heal and deepen my own awakening, I began to feel a call to teach. Looking for the right venue I followed the clues to The Kalari Healing Center run by Peter Noblet in the South of Melbourne. I began taking a sound circle, focussing on seed sounds and chakra work in the special little healing and yoga center, I was taken by the warm energy and delicious aromas of Ayurvedic herbs and oils, I had a feeling something special was about to happen.


Two weeks later, Peter asked if I would be his apprentice and learn the ancient art of Kalari Healing Massage. I took a full treatment from Peter and proclaimed an emphatic YES!!! The rare treatment which is thousands of years old uses hot herbal oils and compressess and a flowing, rythmic style of massage to balance the energies, remove the blockages, realign the body and enliven the entire being. The impact of the treatment given by Peter was lifechanging to me, it was clear he knew what he was doing.


Peter was the only teacher of Kalari in Australia, himself studying with the great master Sri Hanumanji in Kerala.  I studied one on one with him over the next year. We worked together on his patients, he showed me how to prepare medicinal oils and hotpacks and practice other Ayurvedic therapies like Shirodhara and Heart Dhara. I thanked my lucky stars.



The wonderfully kind and supportive teacher Peter Noblet.

Family comittments encouraged me to leave Melbourne and after asking the universe to take us to our perfect home, my partner Chris-James and I arrived in Woolgoolga NSW, a land of beaches, temples and Indian grocery stores - which suited me perfectly! Since arriving I have been practicing Kalari treatments, cooking oils and studying more and more about ancient Indian yoga and medicine. This has all coincided with my own personal journey of healing and awakening whereby I have been using massage, marma point work, mantra and herbal wisdom to help me along.


The beautiful Guru Nanak Sikh temple, Woolgoolga, NSW.

A town where you can attend 3 chanting sessions before the sun rises.

Since early 2013 I have felt the call of retreat work so I have began working on various yoga and ayurveda retreats, often cooking and more recently accompanying yoga asana work with music and chanting as well as leading traditional devotional singing - kirtan. My partner and I have also played and put on many musical gatherings in our region which are always rich and peaceful community events.

The incredible Dr. David Frawley.

Information on his courses and textbooks can be found at

In 2014 I spent a  period of studying in Bangkok, Thailand learning an ancient form of yoga which the Thais call Russeri Datton or ascetic self stretching. This form of asana was taught by the Rishi (enlightened yogi) Jivaka who was the friend and physician of the Buddha and is used to  strengthen and build areas that are weak in our body. This old tradition that was used to reanimate great yogis as they returned to their stiffened bodys after prolonged meditation periods. I feel its gentle, low impact moves and powerful action are very helpful as home practices for my clients and myself.

Whilest living in the pilgrimage mecca (and traditional music capital of India)- Varanasi I began taking lessons on the Indian tablas. It was one auspicious night in Varanasi when I discovered my favorite teacher of yoga and ayurveda was offering online studies in the higher aspects of both areas. Since early 2014 I have been studying with this highly respected teacher, Dr David Fraley, (Pundit Vamadeva Shasta) taking his Yoga and Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditiation Advanced Course. Studying this course with Frawley helped me to integrate my previous experience and knowledge of yoga, mantra, meditation, marma  based Kalari body work and ayurveda into a vast interwoven fabric of health, healing and personal evolution... I highly recommend his offerings.

Statues showing the ancient yoga practices that have been preserved in the Thai culture. These incredible forms can be viewed at the temple complex of Wat Pho in Bangkok.

Since late 2014 I have stopped doing one on one healing work and become immersed in the yoga of being a women. Exploring my womb connection, practices to bring awareness and energy to my sacred feminine centers and delving into working deeply with my blood cycle.


Through their blood cycles women are deeply attuned to the cycles of nature. Delving into and moving with these cycles we can deepen our conscious experience of the depth and vastness of both nature and the consciousness that underlies it. This is my current fascination and daily practice.

In 2016- 2017 I was blessed to study Yoga for the seasons and cycles of women's life with the wonderful Ana Davis in Byron Bay, Australia. Ana is offering one of the world's first yoga teacher trainings focused on women's yoga including yoga for the menstrual cycle, menopause, chronic fatigue, fertility issues and general pelvic health. I have also learned about the high incidence of prolapse and how to use movement, steaming, belly binding and self massage to manage and help realign the organs of the female pelvis.

I feel blessed and hugely grateful for everything that has bought me to this point.

I would love to share some sacred yoga with you.

Chaitanya Morly-Southall