Take a deep breath & drop your awareness down into your womb.

This deep place of feminine power, of creation and dissolution 

is your feminine foundation and a doorway

back into the depths of your sacred self.

This sacred place is within us all, in most women as an incredible physical organ, in some as an energetic presence where the womb once was - a sacred centre of creativity and storehouse of vitality.

In India, the most sacred and innermost part of the temple is called the garbha or womb.

A place of crossing over, where the presence of the divine is embodied and worshiped.

The womb space is our sacred foundation, influencing the vitality of our body and the way we perceive and experience life. Working to deepen our womb connection and heal our energetic and physical womb centre is special work that all women and people who were born with wombs can benefit from.

-Welcome home to your Womb Temple-

My name is Chaitanya Morly-Southall

and I help women move towards

Pelvic, Reproductive and Hormonal Wellbeing.


I believe every woman should be supported to recover their pelvic wellbeing, vitality and deep feminine connection, after birth and all throughout life.


Helping women rebuild and nurture this sacred foundation is my special work in the world. 

If you're wanting to heal after birth, after surgery or from illness, pain or disconnection, there are many simple and nourishing practices and practitioners available to help you open to deeper levels of health and authenticity in your life.

I offer Holistic Pelvic Care, Hands on Healing for all kinds of Pelvic Problems, Traditional Indian Kalari Massage, share therapeutic yoga and self care practices with women of all ages on the Coffs Harbour Coast NSW and further afield online. 

If you would like to know more about healing and connecting to your womb after birth and at other times, please sign up to my newsletter below. In doing so you'll receive a link to a free Deep Rest meditation that you can download :)

All the artworks on this website are created and the copyright owned by Chaitanya Morly-Southall.
All information on this website is offered to inspire connection and healing but is not intended to be superior to your own intuition or your healthcare provider's advise.

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